jack russel dog using yellow kiwi walker double travel bowl
Kiwi walker travel bowl in case 4 colours
Kiwi walker travel bowl in case
double Kiwi walker travel bowl in case yelow
Kiwi walker travel bowl in case
double Kiwi walker green travel bowl in case
double Kiwi walker travel bowl in case yelow

Kiwi Walker - Double Travel Bowl In Case

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Simply the best travel pet bowl on the market! Includes TWO collapsible high-quality 350ml bowls which are completely sturdy when filled with food or water. The bowls are connected to the case by super strong velcro to allow for thorough cleaning; bowls are dishwasher safe. The slim, high quality, durable case is sealed with a heavy-duty zipper, edged with a choice of 4 different vibrant colour finishes to make this an elegant travel solution. Perfect feeding and watering solution whilst on the move!


  • High-Quality Silicon collapsable bowls for water or food
  • Elegant & stylish high-quality case that is also super durable.
  • Removable Bowls are dishwasher safe for thorough cleaning
  • Perfect for offering food and water on the go
  • Slim and space-saving for ease of storage and travel


Unzip the case and open out flat. Pull the bowl/s upright to form and fill with food or water. To clean remove the bowls from the Velcro and place in the dishwasher or sink, once dry reattach to the Velcro and close the case with the zipper.


Do not leave food or water in the bowls for long periods during hot weather

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