5 Best Dog Chews

5 Best Dog Chews

Dogs are our beloved friends. We want to provide them with the best life they can possibly have. In fact, many pet parents know what is good and bad for their pets more than they do for themselves. 

We look for the best toys, best food, best treats and the best chews. We research every bit of ingredient, material, and their benefits to choose what is best for our dogs. Especially when it comes to chews, we strive to be extremely careful. One may have a teething puppy and be looking for a puppy teething toy/chew as well as puppy chews, one may think their pup’s dental health needs more attention and be looking for dog dental chews. 

As pet parents ourselves, we wanted to prepare a guide for you to choose the best chew for your dog. We will be touching on the ingredients and the benefits of the 5 best dog chews on the market. Let's begin!

Yak Chews


Chewerest Yak Chew


Also known as Himalayan Dog Chew are extremely popular and very long-lasting. Their recipe originated in the Himalayas and they are made with only a few ingredients, all being completely natural. They can be made with cow’s or yak milk and a bit of salt. That’s it! What makes them especially durable is the way that they are prepared. The ingredients mostly are smoked or dried and become ready for all ages of pups to enjoy! They also come in various sizes and are low-fat. Yak chews are naturally lactose-free so if your pup has lactose intolerance and you are looking for lactose-free dog chews this chew is just for you!

Bully Sticks




Also known as pizzle or pizzle stick, are made with 100% beef and are very high in protein. This is exactly the thing that makes them highly popular among various dog chews. Since they are made with only one ingredient, they do not have any preservatives or additives so if you are looking for preservative-free dog chews, bully sticks are the one for you. However, although they are low in fat, they can be high in protein. So if you are in the process of watching your pup’s weight, consider treating them with these chews in moderation. There are also different shaped bully sticks, like Curly Pizzles, Ring Shaped Pizzles, and Braided Pizzles.

Beef Tendon 


Beef Tendon


Beef Tendon is one of the most natural dog chews you can get for your pup! It is made from, you guessed it, beef tendon. It does not have any other ingredients or additives and is prepared by being dried. Since it is dehydrated, you are safe from the odour that other dog chews may have. So if you are looking for odourless dog chews, you can consider purchasing Beef Tendon for your pup. Also, if your dog is raw-fed and you are relentlessly searching for raw-fed suitable dog chews, Beef Tendon is the perfect option because it is not cooked. Since it is made from a cow’s tendon, it is high in collagen. Due to being high collagen dog chews, Beef Tendons guarantee healthy fur, skin, nails and teeth! 

Milk Bone Chews


Park Life Milk Bone


Milk Bones have been quite popular for the last couple of years for their variety and nutritional benefits. They come with various flavours and what makes them different from a regular chew is that they do not splinter like the other ones. Although they are hard, as they should be, they are soft enough for your pup to chew on so you can safely give Milk Bone to them if you fear a regular chew may damage your pup’s teeth and gums. They are made from milk but are lactose-free, and even though the milk is enough alone to provide a high protein source, they also have added protein to make it a high-protein dog chew!

Calming Dog Chews


Chill Stix


Sometimes, it is important for certain dogs to be in a calm state. While one always looks for calming treats for dogs first, we think it is crucial to consider Calming Dog Chews too. If you desire for your pup to be calmer and chiller, Chill Stix will do the job. The ingredients are 100% natural, so all the calming is done with various plants and herbs. Mother Nature has all the answers and she was listened to when preparing this treat. They have no added sugar or salt. Think of purchasing Chill Stix if you are looking for sugar-free dog chews and salt-free dog chews. They are also meat-free, packed with fibres and nutrients from delicious vegetables and herbs!

Dog with tongue out


In this guide, we’ve explored the world of dog chews, understanding the deep care dog parents have for their beloved dogs. We’ve highlighted five exceptional options, each tailored to different needs and preferences. From the natural and long-lasting Yak Chews to the protein-rich Bully Sticks and the diverse Milk Bone chews, we’ve covered a range of choices. Beef Tendon offers a pure and collagen-rich option, while Calming Dog Chews provide a calming treat with natural ingredients. No matter your dog's requirements, this guide aims to empower you with the knowledge to make informed choices, ensuring your dog enjoys the best in chews!

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