6 Reasons to Get an Advent Calendar for Your Cat
The holiday season is coming up! We all love a good advent calendar, and they are not only for humans. We believe that our advent calendar for cats can bring your feline friend joy and fun during the festive season. If you are thinking of buying yourself one, why not for your cat? Here are 6 reasons to get your cat the advent calendar of their dreams!

1. Holiday Spirit

Cat wearing a Santa hat

Advent calendars have been a beloved part of Christmas traditions for generations. It’s a wonderful opportunity to extend this tradition to our furry companions. It will add a special touch to your home and enhance the festive atmosphere during the holiday season.

2. Making Memories

Cat with Christmas presents

Just like how you take pictures during holiday decorations and family get-togethers, the advent calendar lets you take lots of cute photos and videos as your cat enjoys it. You will always remember how they looked while playing with their catnip toys.

3. Enrichment

Happy and relaxed cat

Cats are naturally curious animals. They can’t resist sniffing and pawing at new things. As you both are counting down, it’s like a little puzzle for them. What could be hidden inside? Maybe a new toy or the smell may be catnip. So, giving your cat an advent calendar isn't just about Christmas; it's also about making their day more fun and providing them with mental exercise.

4. Getting Closer

Tabby cat on the floor

Sharing the excitement of opening a new compartment each day with your cat can be a great bonding experience. Your cat will love the attention and time you spend with them. Holidays are all about spending time together and getting closer.

5. Effortless Cat Gift Idea

A girl kissing her cat

When the holiday season arrives, we often find ourselves investing a significant amount of time perfecting our gifts for our loved ones. Imagine a hassle-free yet equally thoughtful gift idea for your cat that not only saves you time but also lets you involve your cat in the gift-giving experience. An advent calendar will also include more than one gift. Providing you with lots of cat toys, catnip, and catnip toys.

6. Stress Relief

Cat in a Christmas tree

While we are happy that the holiday season has arrived, our cats may not think this way. The change in routine, unfamiliar guests, and the hustle during the season can bring stress and be overwhelming for our feline friends. An advent calendar can bring them an enjoyable distraction and reduce their anxiety while you both playfully open their daily gift.

If these reasons are why you decided to buy your cat an advent calendar, well we have just what you want! Join us for the festive season with our giant cat advent calendar! The perfect gift idea!


Our giant cat calendar is made from high-quality card material and features 24 numbered drawers. It includes 24 cat toys and catnip teabags. The best part is that our advent calendar is reusable! You can use it year after year!

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