Ted Lasso and Richmond

Ted Lasso and Richmond

Richmond is a wonderful town that is located in south-west London. It has beautiful green parks, open spaces, excellent shops and is near the river Thames. Because of these beautiful qualities, Richmond has been in countless TV shows and movies such as ‘’Downton Abbey’’, ‘’Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’’, ‘’The Crimson Petal and the White’’ and many more. But recently, Richmond has become a tourist attraction thanks to a popular and award-winning series - Ted Lasso. As the show’s central premise is an American man trying to train a football club and expected to fail miserably, in our opinion Richmond couldn’t be a better place to film this because of its magnificent environment.

Richmond Ted Lasso Neighborhood - Photo By Nan Palmero

Ted Lasso Richmond portrays a picture of a beautiful town that has numerous qualities and places. Whether it would be spending quality time in a rustic bar or running around in a spacious area to train the Ted Lasso FC; Richmond is just the perfect place. The show is about an American being in the United Kingdom and trying to train a ‘’soccer’’ team. Even though Lasso struggles a lot in the beginning, Richmond AFC transitions to a perfect team when the cultural obstacles are overcome. This reflects the struggles between two cultures and how they are resolved in the end which paints a perfect picture of the current day in Richmond. People from many different cultural backgrounds reside there, but all of them live in harmony and peace. 

As WufWuf Shop, we cater to dogs, cats and their humans- regardless of their nationality and cultural background. We believe that this is the true reflection of Richmond and the comedic subject of the show Ted Lasso. That’s why we appreciate the message this show gives and represent our beloved town by selling Ted Lasso merch alongside other goodies we carry. It is hard to deny that the fictional Ted Lasso FC, AFC Richmond helped a lot with the popularity of Richmond and we are so thankful for this as a small business located there. We feel like the least we can do is carry what Ted Lasso Richmond fans would want to take home as a thank-you for giving life to the town of Richmond. 

Ted Lasso products at WufWuf Shop

If you’re a Ted Lasso fan and want to see the town named after his football club, you are always welcome! If you ever decide to walk around Brewers Lane, feel free to stop by our shop and say hi! We are located at 9 Brewers Lane and carry gifts for your dog, cat and you. You can check our Ted Lasso Funko Pops and Ted Lasso Believe tins. We will be so happy to see you!

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