What Makes Advent Calendars The Perfect Gift for Dogs

What Makes Advent Calendars The Perfect Gift for Dogs

Gifts; are the best aspect of the Christmas tradition. For centuries humans have celebrated important and special days by giving each other gifts to show their loved ones how much they care about them. Ever since we have domesticated animals and started to count them as our family members, this tradition has become valid for our cats and dogs too. Searching for gift ideas for dogs and cats is fun but there is a lot to choose from.

There are many types of gifts but in our opinion, the best one is the Advent Calendar. Advent Calendars have a lot of variety within themselves and can be opened for days after being gifted. This elongates the spirit of the Christmas Gift. Now with Advent Calendars for dogs, no one has to drown in between hundreds of toys or treats they have to pick.

Let’s see why Advent Calendars are the perfect gift for dogs!

Dogs Love Gifts

Happy dog at Christmas.

Have you ever realised that your dog just loves gifts? Whenever you bring something for them, their tails wag with excitement. And their happiness is so contagious that deep down somewhere, you wish they would be this happy and excited every day. That’s why the Advent Calendar for dogs comes in handy. Advent Calendar for dogs is the perfect option as a Christmas Gift if you’d like them to be happy for getting gifts every day.

They Can Try Different Things

Happy puppy on Christmas morning, hugging human.

Dogs are magnificent animals, they do amazingly well with routines and habits. Personally, eating the same food every day would bore me. But dogs eat the same kibble every day for the rest of their lives but show the same excitement when you pour it into their food bowl every time. With a gift like an Advent Calendar, they can try different treats. Many flavours and textures. Advent Calendar for dogs is the perfect option as a Christmas Gift if you’d like them to try different things.

Their Natural Instincts will be Stimulated

Dog parent making a heart sign with her dog.

In the wild, dogs smell everything. They know and recognise the whole world by smell. You have a special smell for them, their bed has one, and their toy has one. This is their natural instinct, and when they are domesticated, they usually do not get a lot to smell. But an Advent Calendar will include countless treats and toys for them to smell and recognise every day. And that will help their natural survival instincts to be stimulated. Advent Calendar for dogs is the perfect option as a Christmas Gift if you’d like them to stimulate their natural instincts without going too far from where you live.

To conclude, our fur-babies are our lives! And just like how we have been keeping our Christmas tradition alive by gifting our loved ones, they deserve gifts too. An Advent Calendar for pets will be just the perfect gift for them. And you’re lucky because we have what you need!

Introducing our Giant Dog Advent Calendar!

It has 24 numbered drawers, made from high-quality card material.

It is reusable so after you are done with the fun this Christmas, you can use it again on the next year!

It has 2 Dog Toys and 22 Treats inside. There are 7 different recipes of treats packed with yummy flavours. All the treats are grain-free and raw-hide free so if your pup’s diet consists of grain-free dog treats and raw-hide free dog treats, you’re at the right place.

Discover the joy of gifting your furbaby with a Dog Advent Calendar this Christmas. Explore the benefits of daily surprises, diverse treats, and stimulating natural instincts. Our Giant Dog Advent Calendar offers 24 drawers filled with 2 toys and 22 grain-free, raw-hide free treats. Pre-order now and prepare for a big surprise to arrive in November!

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