Why are Cats Associated with Halloween?

Why are Cats Associated with Halloween?

As the nights grow longer, Halloween creeps even closer. Cats are one of the most popular Halloween symbols and for a good reason. They’re mysterious, mischievous, and often associated with the supernatural. You can find all sorts of cat-related things during Halloween. Whether it is Halloween costumes or Halloween decorations. But why exactly are cats associated with Halloween?


Halloween and cat shadow

In medieval times, cats were often believed to be witches’ magical companions. They believed that the cat was either just a trusty companion or that cats were shapeshifting witches. As a result, people were afraid of cats, and they believed that they were a sign of bad luck. In ancient Egypt, cats were believed to be protectors of the underworld. They were given the role of guarding the overworld against evil spirits and negative energies or were believed to guide and protect souls in their journey through the underworld.


Cat in halloween costume

In today's world, the association is more positive. Cats are seen as playful and charming additions to the holiday rather than symbols of bad luck or witches’ companions. But they still linger in our imagination.

Celebrating Halloween with your cat

Cat in halloween outfit

Halloween is the perfect time to treat your cat to some spooky delights. Consider getting your cat a special Halloween costume, and decorate their play area with spooky cat toys and pumpkin toys. You can even match them with special Halloween outfits. Encourage them to embrace their inner spookiness while rewarding them with tasty cat treats. Don't forget to capture those hilarious moments with funny photos to cherish as lasting memories!

Start Shopping!

Cat and Halloween

So this Halloween, include your cat in the fun with Halloween cat costumes, cat toys, cat accessories, and cat treats that will make them purr with delight! Let's leave behind all the negative superstitions and get them the best Halloween gifts!

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