Why Your Dog Needs A Snuffle Mat

Why Your Dog Needs A Snuffle Mat

Dogs are magnificent animals. We love and cherish them as our family members, and even though some think they are just pets, we know that they are more than one. They are smart, active, ambitious and sometimes sassy. We get them dog toys, dog puzzles, slow-feeder dog bowls and so many countless things just so that they stimulate the brilliant minds they have. But, when it comes to interactive dog toys, there is one that can be considered one of the best dog toys and one of the best dog enrichment devices. Which toy? Snuffle Mat. They are more than perfect when it comes to preventing your dog from mundane life or simply letting your pup get a mind stimulation while having a very simple item in front of them. So let’s talk about why your dog needs a Snuffle Mat.

Snuffle Mats Build Confidence

happy dog

Although it seems pretty easy for us to find treats in between layers of fabric, your pup does not have your hands or your vision to separate every single treat. However, when using snuffle mats, their noses make it not the hardest thing in the world either. For this very reason, finding each treat helps them build confidence because they feel so smart that they completed yet another task that did not seem easy at the start, also they feel like they are hunting down something. The feeling of hunting down and then finding it satisfies them instinctually too so they feel confident each time!

Snuffle Mats Reduce Boredom

dog and snuffle mat

Exploring treats among the countless pieces of fabric is sure a fun activity. Snuffle mat is a dog enrichment toy so of course it is. Not only is it fun but also takes a bit of time to go through all of the treats there. For this reason, your pup will spend most of their awake time digging through treats and will not get bored as treats are yummy prizes that they win after each hunt!

Snuffle Mats Promote Slow Feeding

dog using a snuffle mat

Snuffle mats
are extremely versatile, they can be used with treats and also with dog food. You can ditch a slow-feeding dog bowl if you’re using kibbles and get yourself a snuffle mat that makes feeding time fun and healthy. Most dogs like to eat fast and eating fast can cause a plethora of digestion issues. Some have digestive issues already and because of this, they are advised to eat slowly. A snuffle mat will solve that problem as your pup will have to search for their kibbles and eat them one by one as opposed to a normal feeding bowl where they will take a mouth full.

dogs eating from a snuffle mat

To conclude, snuffle mats are magnificent tools for keeping your furbaby engaged and mentally stimulated. They tap into a dog’s natural hunting instincts, providing a sense of accomplishment as they uncover hidden treats within the fabric. Beyond entertainment, snuffle mats prevent boredom, offering hours of engaging activity and this makes them a pawsome interactive dog toy. If your pup tends to take a mouthful of kibble too quickly, a snuffle mat can be a game-changer. It encourages slower and more mindful eating, which is better for their digestion.

Wufsalad snuffle mat

And now, introducing our very own snuffle mat, WufSalad! This special art is designed with convenience in mind. It can be easily folded and stored. It is adjustable thanks to its nifty string that makes it adaptable to your pup’s preference. WufSalad isn’t just a toy, it is a versatile dog enrichment tool that adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your pup’s routine!

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