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Treat Your Canine Companion to a Tail-Wagging Christmas Countdown!

Welcome to our Dog Advent Calendar page! If you're looking to make your dog's Christmas season extra special, you've come to the right place. Our Dog Advent Calendar; Countdown Collection is designed to bring joy and excitement to your furry friend throughout the holiday season.

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Explore Our Dog Advent Calendar 2023 Collection

🎁 Dog Advent Calendar
for Dogs 🎁 

Our specially curated advent calendars for dogs are a delightful countdown to Christmas. Each day, your furry friend will discover a new treat or toy!

24 Cat Toys
Catnip Teabags

🐾 Puppy
Advent Calendar

Share the holiday spirit with your new pup with our Advent Calendar. It's the perfect way to create lasting memories during your puppy's first Christmas countdown! Just make sure to write a note before checking out for a puppy friendly advent calendar.

Features 24 numbered drawers
Made from high-quality card material
Santa and Friends design
Reusable product

🍖 Treat Box
Advent Calendar

Dogs adore treats, and our Advent Calendar is packed with scrumptious goodies to keep tails wagging throughout the countdown!

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Why Choose Our Dog Advent Calendars?

  • Expertly curated for a joyful Christmas countdown.
  • High-quality ingredients and safe materials.
  • 2 dog toys and 22 delicious dog treats.
  • Designed for interactive play and delicious surprises.
  • Customisable to suit your dog's age and allergies.

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