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Trixie Rabbit Squeaky Plush Dog Toy, 15 cm


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Introducing the Trixie Rabbit Squeaky Plush Dog Toy, 15 cm, the perfect companion for your small or extra-small canine companion!

This adorable plush toy is crafted from a soft, cuddly material that's gentle on your dog's delicate teeth and gums. Its compact size makes it ideal for smaller pups, providing hours of engaging fun and entertainment.

Why Trixie Squeaky Plush Dog Toy is the ideal choice for your small dog:

  • Soft and Cuddly: The plush material provides a soothing and comforting experience for your furry friend.

  • Engaging Squeaker: The internal squeaker ignites your dog's natural instincts, keeping them engaged and entertained.

  • Perfect Size: The 15-cm size is specifically designed for small and extra-small dogs, ensuring comfortable playtime.

  • Machine-washable: Maintaining cleanliness is a breeze with machine-washable convenience.

Safety Guidelines for Your Dog's Enjoyment:

  • Supervise Playtime: Always keep an eye on your dog while they're playing with any toy.

  • Inspect Regularly: Check the toy for any signs of damage or wear before each use.

  • Discard Damaged Toys: If the toy becomes damaged or poses a choking hazard, discard it immediately.

Unleash Hours of Joy with Trixie Squeaky Plush Dog Toy (15 cm):

  • Fetch and Tug-of-War: Engage your dog in interactive games of fetch or tug-of-war.

  • Cuddling Companion: Let your dog snuggle up with this soft and comforting toy for nap time or quiet moments.

  • Dental Care: The gentle plush material helps massage your dog's gums and maintain healthy teeth.

Order Your Trixie Squeaky Plush Dog Toy Today and Witness the Joy it Brings to Your Small Canine Friend!

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Trixie Rabbit Squeaky Plush Dog Toy, 15 cm

Trixie Rabbit Squeaky Plush Dog Toy, 15 cm