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Mikki Recall Training Lead 915cm (30ft)

Mikki Recall Training Lead 915cm (30ft)

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Introducing our Ultimate Recall Training Lead – the perfect companion for mastering recall and effortlessly guiding your puppy or dog with finesse. Crafted with precision and reinforced with double-crossed box stitching, this lead guarantees unparalleled strength and durability, ensuring a secure training experience.

Key Features:

To unlock the full potential of our Recall Training Lead, arm yourself with your pup's favorite treats or toys before embarking on the training journey. Squeaky toys, renowned for capturing a dog's attention, coupled with supervised play, serve as delightful rewards for good behavior.

Begin by attaching the Recall Training Lead to your dog's harness, allowing a controlled drift of no more than 10 feet. Harness the power of positive reinforcement by calling your dog's name and the command "Come" in a cheerful, exciting tone to captivate their attention.

Reward Success: Celebrate your dog's prompt return with either a cherished toy or a delectable treat, showering them with praise: "Good Dog!" Watch their responsiveness soar as you consistently practice recall in the garden or a quiet area, utilizing the Recall Training Lead.

Gradual Freedom: As your dog masters recall, transition to larger open spaces, gradually extending their freedom while maintaining engagement through treats, praise, and the Recall Training Lead. If distractions arise, gently reel in the lead while encouraging your dog to return.

Unleash Freedom: Once your dog's response is unwavering, let the lead trail behind in safe areas. Take control as needed by picking up or stepping on the lead. Achieve recall mastery, and soon, you'll stroll confidently without the Recall Training Lead.

Top Tips:

Expand your recall moments beyond the end of walks to make every return a positive experience.
Infuse play, treats, and interaction into regular recall sessions during walks.

Safety First:

Exercise caution with the Recall Training Lead, ensuring it doesn't entangle people or other dogs. Opt for open spaces, and avoid use with very strong or powerful dogs.

Elevate your training experience with the Ultimate Recall Training Lead, because teaching recall should be as rewarding for you as it is for your dog! 🐾✨

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Mikki Recall Training Lead 915cm (30ft)
Mikki Recall Training Lead 915cm (30ft)
Mikki Recall Training Lead 915cm (30ft)
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