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Scrumbles - Gnashers: Cat Dental Treats


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Gnashers: Cat Dental Treats For all cats, 3 months+

The best dental treat for cats? We think so!

These treats have a specially formulated recipe to reduce plaque formation by up to 80%. Baked to a crunch to help tackle teeth that are harder to reach during brushing and scratch off plaque. Made with natural ingredients and our superfood ingredient Slippery Elm for gut health.

Tough on Plaque, Kind to the Planet

Did you know 1 in 8 cats suffer in silence from dental disease? That’s why we’ve created these Gnashers Cat Dental Bites to tackle plaque head on! They contain SHMP, an active ingredient clinically proven to reduce plaque formation, and are crunchy to tackle those teeth at the back that are harder to reach during brushing. Recommended alongside daily tooth brushing to keep those pearly whites, white. Naturally grain free cat treats, although please note our recipes are made on facilities that handle grains.

Crunchy Texture

Cat’s are incredible at looking after themselves, but imagine trying to brush your teeth without any thumbs. That’s why these are crunchy and contain an active ingredient to help reduce the build up of plaque (and tartar).

Eco Friendly

Baked in carbon-neutral eco ovens and packed into recyclable packaging. Help minimise your cat’s footprints and dispose with your carrier bags at your local supermarket.

Digestive Health

Having dealt with our fair share of sensitive stomachs, we put gut health first. As well as including gut friendly ingredients, we avoid common allergens like gluten, grains and dairy in our healthy cat treats.

Low Cal Low Fat

A healthy cat treat that’s easy on the waistline, naturally low in fat but high in taste.

Naturally Grain Free

Our dental cat treat recipe is free from grains & gluten, although please note our recipes are made on facilities that handle grains.


Dental health is essential for cats and we always recommend regular brushing to keep those pearly whites sparkling. Sometimes this can prove difficult so we've designed these clever cat dental treats, packed with natural ingredients, our super food ingredient Slippery Elm, and scientifically proven ingredients that reduce plaque.

We've baked our Gnasher cat dental treats with extra crunch to help scrape away plaque. But healthy doesn't have to mean boring. Your cat will adore the taste and you can feel happy giving them something that's tasty and will help keep their teeth healthy.

All our recipes come with approval from our own family pets, and are developed with nutritionists and approved by vets to conform to FEDIAF guidelines.

Chicken 50% (Dehydrated chicken 40%, Chicken Liver 5%, Chicken Fat 5%), Peas, Sweet Potato, Slippery Elm (0.1%), Sodium Hexametaphosphate (0.1%)

Analytical Info: Protein 36.2%, Fat Content 12.4%, Crude Fibre 3%, Inorganic Matter 9.3%,

Calories: 34.4 kcal/100g

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Scrumbles - Gnashers: Cat Dental Treats

Scrumbles - Gnashers: Cat Dental Treats