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Trixie - Corner Massage Brush for Cats


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Trixie Corner Massage Brush for Cats - The Perfect Solution for Gentle Fur Care!

Make grooming a pleasurable experience for your feline friend with the Trixie Corner Massage Brush. This innovative brush offers an alternative to traditional fur brushes, providing a unique way to support your cat's natural fur care routine.

Key Features:

Gentle and Effective: The Trixie Corner Massage Brush features flexible bristles that delicately massage your cat's coat while effectively removing loose hair. Say goodbye to shedding struggles and hello to a happier, well-groomed cat!

Versatile Placement: Designed for easy attachment to both corners and straight surfaces, this brush offers versatile placement options. Mount it on your cat's favorite spots, ensuring they can indulge in a relaxing grooming session whenever they desire.

Natural Fur Care: Cats are instinctual groomers, and this brush enhances their grooming routine by providing a stimulating and enjoyable experience. It encourages your cat to groom themselves more frequently, promoting a healthy and glossy coat.

Catnip-Infused Bliss: To make grooming even more enticing, we've included catnip, which cats adore! The added catnip will attract your furry friend to the brush, making grooming sessions a delightful and rewarding treat.

Durable and Convenient: Crafted from high-quality plastic, the Trixie Corner Massage Brush is built to last. It comes with all the necessary mounting materials for effortless installation, ensuring a secure and stable attachment.

Product Information:

Massage & Shine - Coat Type: 2/4 (Suitable for short to medium-length coats)
Measurements: 8 × 13 cm (Compact and perfect for any corner)
Material: Plastic (Sturdy and easy to clean)

Grooming your cat has never been easier or more enjoyable than with the Trixie Corner Massage Brush. Say goodbye to fur battles and hello to a contented, well-groomed feline companion.

Provide your cat with the care they deserve and watch their coat shine with health and beauty!

Note: Regular grooming with the Trixie Corner Massage Brush is recommended for optimal fur care. Remove any loose hair from the brush regularly to maintain its effectiveness.

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Trixie - Corner Massage Brush for Cats

Trixie - Corner Massage Brush for Cats